Head Kerchiefs 3

This was an ambitious project, a set of three head scarves showcasing 3 different techniques to feature in a class I was teaching. They turned out well, and have been popular. I wear one daily to one of my jobs as a form of tress-containment. What I have loved about this pattern is that the […]... Read More

Comfy Mittens

The comfy mittens are finally done! It has been a process, and I am very glad I took the time before I published the pattern. I can not say enough good things about my test knitters. Though I had the mitten basically there from the start, their comments and encouragement were essential, and responsible for […]... Read More
2009 running hearts

The Running Hearts Scarf

  I was going to call this scarf “Scandahoovian Christmas”, but opted to be a bit more conservative in the name department. Why “Scandahoovian Christmas”? I grew up with the heart motif used in Christmas decorations. It is used in multiple colors, usually with white. When the idea for this scarf hit, it seemed reasonable to associate […]... Read More