Stuff I like and use

I have a wide variety of interests. They will not all make it here. I will add links to things I love or that have made a difference in my life. That should do.


Yarn Harbor – my “alma mater” in fiberland. I worked here many happy years and this is where I cut my teeth in pattern-making. – For over ten years Knitty has been rocking the knitting world with great free patterns. they have helped to launch numerous careers, and they have published me!

Cooperative Press – a great small publishing company with a few of my favorite designers. They are willing to take a risk on a few subculture titles. Some of their titles have done quite well, and I find I am knitting out of Needles and Artifice a bit.

Ravelry – database of all things fiber, plus a great community.

Patternfish – a lovely purveyor of fine patterns. They were kind enough to add me as a designer. I love their sense of humor, which peeks through once and a while.

Craftsy – This has become a huge learning clearinghouse. They have videos for just about anything you want to do in the world of craft as well as a great pattern database.

Esthetic Stuff

Upstate MN – A tasty shop of delicious things, none of which you can eat, but all of which can feed you. My new lovely water pot came from there, and I stop in regularly to chat and get my hugs from Kristopher.

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