All the maths that are fit to knit

I am working on a new pattern. I am just about done. (Yay!)

Indecisive Nisse collection
Oh look, hats!

The last thing I need is a good picture of one of my hats on an actual human. That seems to matter when selling hats. Go figure. Back to the pattern-making process though.

In drafting patterns, and trying to be thorough and accurate, I have been struck by how much math is required. There is sizing, calculating proportions, stitches per inch and how they translate into this that and the other. It is a major stress point and one of the reasons this pattern-making thing moves slowly.

On this last pattern I wanted to add some extra super-useful information. It can be knit with lots of bits of leftover yarn. Wouldn’t it be good to know how much of each yarn a knitter will need? A working knowledge of algebra and trig would have been useful. I had to kinda manhandle the numbers to get them to cooperate.

My morning in numbers.

I think I got it. Time and user response will tell. Now to hunt down the elusive head shot, and I am done!


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