In this new year? Knitting for the pleasure of the craft.

I have been reflecting on my craft. I’ve asked the questions why I knit, what I take the most pleasure in knitting, how I knit. I have, like a lot of knitters, quite a backlog of yarn and projects I’d like to make. I also have a lot of scarves, shawls, and mittens, so I really do not need more. I do need more socks, but that is another story.

So why do I knit? I love beautiful things. I love pattern, fiber and texture. I have always loved matching fiber and fabric to a project and have it all come together. I love the pleasure both in simple garter stitch, and in a technical challenge. I love learning new techniques. I will rework something until it is “just right,” and I have no trouble tearing something out if I am not happy with it.

Can I use everything I knit? Beyond socks, no. It is also not practical to gift everything I knit. Sometimes gifting is just foisting the product of my hands on someone who is really not all that interested in having said item.

This year I had a revelation. I am a member of my local fiber guild. We have an annual sale, and I put a few items from my finished object pile out for sale this year. Beautiful items that I knew I and my family would never use. I had sales! I will never think of knitting as a hobby business, there is no way I could charge enough to make it worth my time. However, knowing that I can make back my yarn costs plus a bit more gives me freedom.

I can indulge my love of making beautiful things. I can play with pattern and yarn, putter all I want, and create things just for the beauty and the joy they give me. Then when I am done I can share them with others through the annual sale. This is very freeing. “Will I wear it or gift it?” is no longer a limitation. I am looking forward to this year.

I am going to love making this shawl
I am going to love making this shawl

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