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A Snowboarder Hat in Rasta

This pattern is in progress. Actually, it is almost done. I am having it test knit, finalizing photography, and then bingo, up it goes! This hat was created to showcase the yarn Rasta from Malabrigo. I wanted to create something that would make the colors pop, and be a lot of fun. There are also […]... Read More

Head Kerchiefs 3

This was an ambitious project, a set of three head scarves showcasing 3 different techniques to feature in a class I was teaching. They turned out well, and have been popular. I wear one daily to one of my jobs as a form of tress-containment. What I have loved about this pattern is that the […]... Read More

Comfy Mittens

The comfy mittens are finally done! It has been a process, and I am very glad I took the time before I published the pattern. I can not say enough good things about my test knitters. Though I had the mitten basically there from the start, their comments and encouragement were essential, and responsible for […]... Read More