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My Magnum Opus and what I’m learning

This sweater is a challenge, both technically, and for the persistence it will take to finish it. It is, for now, my magnum opus. I am making progress, and I am figuring things out–I think. There is puckering in the lower color section. That section uses a stranded background with intarsia color blocks. My challenge […]... Read More

An interesting discussion around superwash wool

There is a discussion going on around superwash. I started tracking it through Webs FaceBook feed. I’ve linked to the original blog post that started it (or this round of it), as well as a more technical, thorough discussion of how superwash is created. My purpose here is not to pass judgement on superwash. I […]... Read More

To stash or to let it go, how can I know?

I, like many knitters in the U.S., have a considerable stash. Between good intentions, “omg that is beautiful yarn!”, picking up sample yarn for designing, winning yarn (whee!), failed projects, and leftovers, the stash has become daunting. Oh, and then I used to work at my amazing LYS Yarn Harbor. It is so hard to resist yarn when you […]... Read More